How Often Should I Wash My Car?

According to the best available information, a car should be washed about once per week. It also depends on driving conditions, rain, and location. But, about once a week is preferable in order to retain its resale value. It is a known fact that cars that have been washed regularly have a higher resale value than those that do not.
Most vehicle owners have likely invested a lot of money in their vehicles, and most vehicle owners are proud of their car, and like to show it off. There are two ways to get people to notice a vehicle: If it is really clean, or if it is really dirty.
Bird droppings, grease, and grime from the road can eat away at the paint and eventually cause discoloration or even rust if the car is not washed regularly. It can even do damage to the undercarriage if not washed away. See your dealer for other tips on washing your car.
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